IEEE Workshop on Topological Data Analysis and Visualization
in conjunction with IEEE VIS 2022, Oklahoma City, USA

List of accepted papers

  1. Untangling Force-Directed Layouts Using Persistent Homology
    Bhavana Doppalapudi, Bei Wang, Paul Rosen
  2. Reduced Connectivity for Local Bilinear Jacobi Sets
    Daniel Klötzl, Tim Krake, Youjia Zhou, Kathrin Schulte, Ingrid Hotz, Bei Wang, Daniel Weiskopf
  3. Autoencoder-Aided Visualization of Collections of Morse Complexes
    Jixian Li,Dan Van Boxel, Joshua A Levine
  4. A Deformation-based Edit Distance for Merge Trees
    Florian Wetzels, Christoph Garth
  5. Discussion and Visualization of Distinguished Hyperbolic Trajectories as a Generalization of Critical Points to 2D Time-dependent Flow
    Roxana Bujack
  6. ClassMat: a Matrix of Small Multiples to Analyze the Topology of Multiclass Multidimensional Data
    Michael Aupetit, Ahmed Ali, Abdelkader Baggag, Halima Bensmail
  7. Jacobi Set Driven Search for Flexible Fiber Surface Extraction
    Mohit Sharma, Vijay Natarajan
  8. Counterexamples expose gaps in the proof of time complexity for cover trees introduced in 2006
    Yury Elkin, Vitaliy Kurlin
  9. Subject-Specific Brain Activity Analysis in fMRI Data Using Merge Trees
    Farhan Rasheed, Daniel Jönsson, Emma Nilsson, Talha Bin Masood, Ingrid Hotz
  10. Exploring Cyclone Evolution with Hierarchical Features
    Emma Nilsson, Jonas Lukasczyk, Wito Engelke, Talha Bin Masood, Gunilla Svensson, Rodrigo Caballero, Christoph Garth, Ingrid Hotz
  11. Towards Benchmark Data Generation for Feature Tracking in Scalar Fields
    Emma Nilsson, Jonas Lukasczyk, Talha Bin Masood, Christoph Garth, Ingrid Hotz
  12. Fast Merge Tree Computation via SYCL
    Arnur Nigmetov, Dmitriy Morozov