The workshop will take place during at the Blommenhof Hotel in Nyköping, Sweden.


Blommenhof Hotel
Blommenhovsvägen 41
611 39 Nyköping, Sweden


Travel Directions

Nyköping is well connected by road, rail and air. The city lies on the arterial motorway (the E4) between Stockholm, to the North, and Malmö, to the south-west. It is also served by no fewer than four international airports, Nyköping (Skavsta), Stockholm (Arlanda), Norrköping and Linköping.

The options for travel break down into five basic routes:

1) Flights into Stockholm (Arlanda – ARN)

Flights from all over the world come into this airport and it is quite easy to get from the airport, north of Stockholm, to Nyköping by road or rail. There are a number of direct (Regional) trains from the airport’s own long distance train station, but the most common route is to travel to Stockholm Central Station using either the Arlanda Express train (every 15 minutes and takes 20 minutes) or, much more cheaply, the flygbussarna bus service (every 12 minutes, taking 45) for the journey to Stockholm central train station. From there trains depart regularly to Nyköping.

2) Flights into Nyköping (Stockholm Skavsta – NYO)

Most of the flights into this airport are budget airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet and this can provide a very low-cost alternative from many locations in Europe.

3) Flights to Linköping City Airport (LPI)

With taxi/bus to the train station (about 15 minutes) and a local train (1 hour) to Nyköping. There is a regular service from Amsterdam to Linköping, Amsterdam being a hub to many European and US cities.

4) Rail services

There is also the option of using European rail services for those of you living reasonably close. Direct trains via Denmark to Nyköping are available and might provide a more convenient, cheaper and more ecologically friendly alternative to air travel. For details on those routes please contact your local national rail provider.



Transportation Distance
to Venue
Stockholm Skavsta Airport ~5 km NYO
Stockholm Arlanda Airport ~140 km ARN
Linköping City Airport ~100 km LPI
Nyköping Train Station ~1 km
Nyköping Airport Bus Service ~1 km